Gardening in Portugal – One of 50 sheds of grey


I’ve  always wanted my very own shed. Not one stuffed with children’s bicycles, old fairy lights and half used paint cans.  I hanker after a shed where I can put all my gardening stuff away and find it without falling over the aforesaid objects.  So (I’m sorry I can’t find the little thingie that goes over the n)  and I  found ourselves driving up and down the Algarve looking for sheds. To our dismay, the humble shed seems to be a luxury item here. Even without a floor, the cheapest 6 by 4 four shed we could find was about 240 euros and that was without a floor or delivery!  After a lot of deliberation and not without regret, since we like to buy local we found that it was cheaper to buy a shed from England over the internet and get it delivered than to buy it here. It arrived and went up like lego kit.


We painted it grey, to match the windows on the house and it wasn’t until I did this that my sister pointed out  the irony…hence the blog title!   I got cracking organising it.  Old tin cans saved over from the cat’s food were duly employed to take my plant labels, bits of wire and clips.  I screwed up a bank of old clothes hooks to hold hand tools. I never really realised that most hand tools have a hole in the end, so you can tie a string through it to hang them. I am a pretty untidy gardener, but am hoping that having the shed will encourage me to put my tools away at night so I can find everything the next morning.

The shed has a window with the most beautiful view over the Algarve countryside. Although it’s  built on a slope, there is a little platform on the West side, sheltering me from the morning sun and it is here I sit, potting seeds ready for the Spring and making cuttings from my neighbour’s donations.  Although, this shed is too small for entertaining guests I am planning a hippy shed at the bottom of the garden. Senor Faz-Tudo has never really been much of a hippy fan, despite me being one when I met him and I have a desire to return to the mirrored indian hangings and joss sticks of my youth by creating a sort of  New Age den at the bottom of the garden where I can entertain my children and nieces and nephews  in true old hippie stylie.  Watch this space….


Please talk to me. I am struggling here!

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