Come into the Garden, Moored!

We have had a busy period with lots of visitors and have had a few weeks of being tourists, both here on the Algarve and in Southern Spain, where we visited some  of the small white villages on the Costa de Sol, the Tabernas desert near Almeria and the Alhambra and Generalife Gardens in the Alhambra for some Moorish inspiration,

I took pictures along the way with an eye on inspiration for the garden, so here are a few thoughts.


I saw this lovely combination of tables and chairs and flowerpots outside a restaurant in the village of Mijas. Everwhere in Mijas, the white walls were lined with blue flowerpots containing the same bright red geraniums. It made me think about what accent colours I might use in my own garden.


I found this great swathe of bright colour a surprising choice outside the inner Palaces of the Alhambra, but cheerfully pleasing. I was wondering what other plants might have this range of colour, lilies, roses , geraniums perhaps? English gardens tend to be muted in colour, which I also find beautiful, but there is something very uplifting about these bright colours under a clear blue sky and the green of the box offsetting them.



This beautiful dry garden was found on Barril beach, close to Fuseta on the Algarve. It has no water at all and the broken bones of a discarded fisherman’s boat reminds me how lovely flotsam and jetsam can look in the right setting. I suppose my equivalent would be a carob stump or a piece of volcanic rock.


 A lesson in simplicity inside the Alhambra. Cool water, giant cypress trees forming natural pillars with their roots underplanted , long trails of ivy hanging down, the quiet benches. It reminds me to try and create a sense of peace and calm in my own garden where there are sitting spaces, even though I know I can never create anything as beautiful and stately as this.


A perfect frame and a beautiful perspective in the Generalife. Are there ways of framing things in my garden?


A dream for the future, outside the Alhambra palace. And an inspiration that such beauty can be made by human beings and nature together.



Small beginnings outside my front door, with some pink ivy leaf geraniums against a camellia in a pot! Enough dreaming, time to pick up the hoe and tackle the mayhem caused by our absence!




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